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GAMMA Manufacturing facility - Sabaneta Colombia

Company Profile

GAMMA Manufacturing facility - Sabaneta Colombia

GAMMA Insulators is the utility products manufacturing subsidiary of Corona, a leading Colombian multinational corporation dedicated to manufacturing and distributing products and solutions for home improvement and construction with more than 135 years of experience that currently employs over 16.000 people and has 29 manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. Corona has a strong presence in more than 50 markets around the world and is committed to sustainability from the perspective of the triple bottom line in financial, social and environmental terms.

With more than 50 years of market leadership, GAMMA Insulators is a company dedicated to the manufacturing and commercialization of equipment and solutions of isolation for electric utilities, equipment manufacturing companies and distributors of the electric sector. Corona’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities utilize the latest technologies and are all certified to the latest ISO 9001, 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

We employ world-class manufacturing tools and management systems such as TMP, Lean Manufacturing, DFSS, and Six Sigma to produce the high quality products you have come to expect from GAMMA.

The GAMMA manufacturing facility, located in Colombia, near the city of Medellin, is optimally located to serve both the North American and South American utility markets. With access to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, factory-direct shipments to the U.S. and Canada are measured in days rather than weeks. In addition, GAMMA’s fully stocked North American warehouse, located in Savannah, provides a solution for all immediate fulfilment needs.

Company History

GAMMA establishment


The firm launches activities as part of the Corona Organization, to manufacture refractory supports and porcelain insulators for power distribution.

Focus on insulators


The company shareholders decide to enter more strongly in the market of insulator production.

Capacity Expansion


Se construye el segundo horno túnel, con el cual se mejora sustancialmente la calidad de los productos manufacturados.

Started exports


Signs a 10-year consultancy contract with Lapp Insulators, a globally-renown American manufacturer of porcelain and composite insulators.

Begins exports of products to Venezuela.

Starts the production of double pin insulators and suspension insulators.

Modernization and consolidation


Acquires modern manufacturing equipment through Lapp Insulators.

Expands exports to Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and all of Central America.

Quality System


A discontinuous kiln is constructed and a quality system assessment is performed according to NTC 1800 standards.

Alborada 2000


Inaugurats a process of change called Alborada 2000, inspired by principles of integral quality, with the aim of achieving the transformation of organizational culture through a shift of thinking and continuous improvement.

ISO standards adoption


Implements Predictive Process Control (PPC) in the preparation of paste.

Standardizes administrative and production processes in accordance with ISO standards.

World Class Manufacturing


Implements the tools of World Class Manufacturing.

5S training begins to improve productivity.

Exports to Mexico, USA and Canada


The first manufacturing cells are implemented.

Begins exports to Canada, United States and Mexico.

Starts the mechanization of manual equipment training.

Development of the electricity sector


GAMMA participates as founder of the Center for Research and Development of the Electricity Sectors (CIDET, as per its Spanish acronym).

Quality Certificate ISO 9002 (Quality Assurance) is obtained.

The first export to the Asian markets is completed.

Incursion in transmission


An integrated information system is implemented.

Incursion in transmission with suspension of 25.000lb and fog type suspension of 18.000lb, already approved by CESI (Training and Industrial Safety Center).

Liquid fuel is changed by natural gas in cooking, drying and boiler equipment.

Commitment to the environment


Renews certificate of Quality Assurance (ISO 9002).

Obtains certificate of Environmental Management System (ISO 14001).

Physical facilities are extended to 18.300 m2.

Quality Award


BASC certification is obtained and the Ministry of Economic Development granted the Colombian Quality Award, version 2000, in the category “Large Manufacturing Company.”

Investments are made to double the installed capacity of the company.

Signs a commercial alliance with Lapp Insulators to manufacture insulators for American market distribution.

Commitment to Quality


Implements the Quality Management System ISO 9001, version 2000.

Exports reach over 70% of total sales.

The U.S. market ranks first in sales volume.

OHSAS 18001 certification is obtained.



Aware of our environmental commitment, technological changes are made in the bushings line from dry formation to wet formation.

The plant goes from 18.300m2 to 27.854m2, growing in 9,554 m2; construction area goes from having 11.025m2 to 20.173m2.

GAMMA participates for the first time at the International Fair of the Electricity Sector (FISE) in Medellin, the host city.

Polymeric insulators


Starts the process of training in TPM as a management tool.

GAMMA participates as founder of the Energy Cluster of Medellin.

Started production of polymeric insulators.

GAMMA is chosen as one of the best suppliers of Siemens Colombia.

GAMMA Insulators


Acquires the business of distribution insulators from Lapp Insulators. GAMMA Insulators is born to serve the North American market.



Starts assembled bushing market thrust.

Receives the C-TPAT certification (the Custom Trade Partnership Against Terrorism certification) by the United States.

GAMMA celebrates 50 years in business.

Starts production of glass suspensions.

Announces the GAMMA-Hyundai alliance for protection and maneuver solutions at low and medium voltage.

GAMMA participates for the first time as an exhibitor at the IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition.

Company growth


GAMMA acquires ERECOS, a company that manufactures refractory materials.

Begins selling TR´s and Clamp Tops.

Equipment manufacturing and selling begins of circuits breakers and lightning rods




    Our Code of Ethics starts from the historical commitment of Corona to honesty and integrity. This defines who we are as company and how we relate to our suppliers, our customers, and each other.


    The Ethics and Anti Corruption Line Lineaeticayanticorrupcion@corona.com.co is a mechanism so that our employees as well as the people with whom they do not relate report incorrect behaviors


Our values express the culture we live in, the nature of our company and how we behave.

  • S

    Let’s be passionate about the service we provide to our customers

    We believe that customer satisfaction is our raison d’etre. Our passion is to understand and look into your needs, exhausting all alternatives to satisfy them with timely, expert and friendly answers. With our management, we seek to anticipate your needs and meet your expectations through our products and services.

  • E

    Let’s be innovative

    We believe that everything can be done better and that innovation is essential for success. Therefore we always seek to identify the result of our actions in order to improve them. We identify and implement new ideas. To find the best way of doing things is something we are always interested in. We seek innovative, creative and customized solutions that add value to the products and services we offer our customers.

  • A

    Let’s be better and better

    We believe in continuous improvement and are inspired by high standards of excellence. We seek do our best using world-class practices and high levels of commitment and perseverance. We seek excellence every step of the way.

  • M

    Let’s be people of integrity

    We believe in consistency between thinking, feeling and acting. We are characterized by honesty, ethics and strict compliance with the law and commitments in all our actions. We act according to what we say and stand up for, based on the values we believe in. Our behavior creates confidence among all our stakeholders.

  • O

    Let us be an example of respect for others and commitment to their development

    We believe in human talent, in its diversity and development potential. The warmth, simplicity and respectful treatment are the ways we relate in Corona. We value the development of all persons and professionals and orient every workday as a source of learning, growth and future promotion of people. We recognize their achievements and strive to create an atmosphere of friendly, casual work, with teams made up of motivated and capable people who are prepared to achieve excellence.

  • S

    Let’s be austere and modest

    We believe in austerity and simplicity. Therefore we act without ostentation, with practical sense and discretion in the way we work and interact in our job. We invest substantially in the current and future development of our business, cherishing and wisely using all available and necessary resources.

  • listeyv-9

    Let’s be responsible with our society

    We believe in being responsible to the society in which we participate; in that sense, we attempt to contribute to its transformation. We stand out by actively participating in the society’s development, both by preserving the environment and protecting our natural resources. It starts with our employees and extends to their families, our customers, suppliers and communities where we operate. We are supportive and move forward into concrete actions that demonstrate our commitment to improvement, sustainability, development and change.